[Declaration] Regarding fraudulent mobile phone applications, websites and WeChat groups insinuating China Fortune Financial Group Limited and/or Fortune Securities (HK) Limited

17 April 2020

Fortune Securities (HK) Limited has recently discovered some fraudulent activities by setting up fraudulent websites, mobile phone applications and social media groups that insinuate or pretend to be established by or in connection with China Fortune Financial Group Limited and/or Fortune Securities (HK) Limited. Such fraudulent platforms claim to provide investment services and direct, through unknown platforms, participants of the social media groups to deposit funds into designated accounts unrelated to us.

For the aforesaid fraudulent issues which cause damage to our reputation and goodwill, we have reported to Hong Kong Police, Public Security of the PRC, and related regulatory authorities.

Fortune Securities (HK) Limited hereby declares that our company has no relation or connection with such fraudulent websites, mobile applications, WeChat groups or online live video platforms. The only official website of our company is fortune3369.com.hk and our sole official WeChat account is CFFG-HK. Our firm has never requested, and will not make such a request in the future, to demand our clients to make any depository transactions into any bank account other than those held in our company’s name. Clients who wish to pursue online account opening must download our trading platform application through our official website. For fraud prevention, you are alerted not to download or connect to the said trading platform through other sources or channels.

You should stay alert in case any individual or institution approaches you and claims to provide financial services acting on our firm’s behalf, or claims to request depository of funds or otherwise solicits your personal information claiming to act on our behalf. This is because such individuals or institutions may well be fraudsters. If you are in the view that fraudulent activities or information theft may be involved in any subject matter, you are urged to report the same to the local police. Our company disclaims all responsibilities incurred, whether directly or directly, due to the use of or connection with the said fraudulent platforms.

If you have any inquiries, please contact Fortune (HK) Securities Company Limited through our customer service hotline at (852) 3105 1829 or by email to cs@fortune3369.com.hk.

Fortune (HK) Securities Company Limited

Please stay alert with some fraudulent websites we are aware of:

-              fuqiangsfa.com

-              kqwv.qp511.cn/v/829mk

-              wealthbct.com/#/

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